Friday, September 26, 2008

Counter strike:Condition Zero over HAMACHI

Hello Gamerz! lets get connected over HAMCHI and star playing C.S:Cz.
You need to do following steps:
1.Those who dont have Hamachi please download it and get it installed and configured.
(to get it read my HAMACHI post)
2. Run Hamachi and click the Create or join networks button and choose Join existing network.
3. To join our network get the username and password from someone and enter it and it will connect to our network.
4. Turn off your firewall (or disable it). Remember to turn it back on after you finish playing.
5. Run CS: CZ
6. Go to Options and change your name.
7. Press the ~ key on the keyboard. It is to the left of the 1 key on the top row of the keyboard.
8. Type connect to connect if I am hosting the game. If someone else is hosting the game look at their Hamachi IP address and use that instead of mine.
9. The game will connect and you can start playing.

To get Network name , Password for my network and for any problem please comment.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me any network of CS CZ.....
I will Join And play