Thursday, September 25, 2008


You can do things between computers on your local network you can't from out on the internet: like listen to a shared iTunes library or access files in shared folders or online gaming. But using the free virtual private network application Hamachi, you can access your computer from anywhere on the internet as if you were home on your local network.
Use Hamachi to create a virtual private network between a PCs and start gaming over the internet.

What's Hamachi VPN?
The free Hamachi desktop application gives you secure, zero-configuration LAN over the internet. Any app that works over a local network can be used with Hamachi over the internet, like Windows file sharing, iTunes, Remote Desktop, FTP, VNC and gaming. All of Hamachi's connections are secure, encrypted, authenticated and peer-to-peer. Though Hamachi acts as a mediator between your computers and creates the tunnel for their communication, Hamachi's servers don't listen in on or log your activity.
Some situations you might use Hamachi:
You're on the road with your laptop and want secure access to your PC's files.
Your office or dorm room computer is behind a restrictive firewall that doesn't let you reach it from the internet.
You want to add encryption to insecure network protocols like VNC.
You want to set up a shared folder of files for friends and family to access.
Sound useful? get started then.

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