Sunday, November 01, 2009

Facebook games.. a good strategy

MAFIA WARS!!! as they call it, is a timepass browser game available at facebook. As the name suggests you may think that it will be a full fledge fighting game, a shooter game kind of expirience. But no, it's not. Dont expect that you will get a GTA Vice City kind of gameplay. It is just a browser game meant for friends who can come together and play,earn money,fight to become the powerfull person.

It got 4.5 /5 rating which is good.What makes it good timepass game is that you can have your friends involved in it. This and many other games from which are featured on Facebook have the similar kind of gameplay. Why this strategy is particularly and brilliantly implemented in facebook?. This is because Facebook as we all know is a social networking site. It has a hell lot of people registered to it worldwide. Now think that if by any chance we add a functionality which can make a considerable difference than the typical social networking sites. And this difference is experienced on Facebook by having games like Mafia Wars,Farmville etc from Zynga games. Many of our friends can join us playing the same game, competing, fighting,winning, losing etc etc... and enjoying the complete social networking experience.

A single exceptional idea can have a nice impact on how people interact, share and enjoy things. Ofcourse video games are often taken as timepass thing by many people but the ideas like these worked very well if we think in business point of view.

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Kedar said...

Hi! i have just started playing Mafia Wars and its really gr8.