Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In search of India

In search of INDIA
GAMASUTRA is the leading website devoted to the Art and Business of making games. It offers everything, from latest breaking news from the gaming industry around the world to the detailed features of the industry to the biggest job board of the gaming industry.
Now what I did? Being an avid video gamer and software programmer by profession longing for the very art of game programming and development, what I wanted to do on the Gamasutra website? It was simple: Search for any minuscule information about game industry in India. And what did I found?
NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing. Apart from some of the instance of INDIA with some other Asian provinces there was nothing that I would say useful to talk about india’s hand in the gold mine rush of video game industry.
Next I went to a more probable website from where I thought could get a glimpse of India. And that site was GAMESPOT and IGN. Now imagine what I might have found out?
Yes! It was nothing with respect to game development in india. Of course you will find user accounts of the video gamers who take part in the forums, polls blah blah blah!! But nothing about the game development.
Well but searching on The GOOGLE wont fail rite? So with dejected feeling and an utter disappointment from the so called famous and lively game content and game development websites , I finally turned to Google. And yes google was my last option to search for India.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'm playing... Batman:Arkham Asylum

First of all... BATMAN is the awesomely awesome super hero of all the dozens of superheroes out there. And when you have an intelligently developed Batman to control in an equally intelligent gameplay which is delivered by Eidos's Arkham Asylum, it is surely a hardcore gamer's delight. Batman:Arkham Asylum gives you the superhero with his unique and best Technology, where you have a Gel explosion, grapple,Batarangs etc.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm playing... BLUR

Before I start talking about BLUR lets go back in time and try to recollect the gaming experience of CTR aka Crash Team Racing on Playstation1 or Mario Bros Team Racing on PS2. Remembered?? Also try to recollect the racing simulation games like Burnout, NFS. What comes to your mind when I say these games? Cool Cars, awesome graphics, rankings etc. right?
And now think about CTR. The racing where you have to whack the opponents by destroying their vehicles with Missiles, Bombs. Getting Shields, powerups, nitrous to win the race.
Now combine the features of these two different games and guess what is available to you. Yes its BLUR.

BLUR by Activision is an attempt to have combined the racing simulation game and an action packed vehicle whacking game-play into one. And more to add it has awesome race tracks and equally awesome CARS. From BEATLE to VIPOR to all BMWs and Audis. All these vehicles have some characteristics like road GRIP, HANDLING, SPEED, and ACCELERATION. And also the cars are divided into different categories as to A, B, C, and D.

And what more a speed racer would require while whacking the opponents to win the race.. huh? It’s the FANS. Yes in Blur you will have to race to get Fan following. The more fan following you get the more deadly superb cars will get unlocked and nice rewards.

What catches the attention is the beautiful graphics that add your gaming enthusiasm. Also the special effects of the power ups those are obtained in-game is very appealing. These effects are too good to take the overall gaming experience to whole new level.

Also its multiplayer game play also looks cool. I haven’t tried it though. But definitely give it a shot too. Till then I’ll try to master the game in single player.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

RPGs all the way

Ever since i have started playing the Final Fantasy series of RPG im an exceptional fan of RPG games. There's a valid reason for that. RPG's like Final Fantasy has an intimidating story line, mind blowing graphics and moreover interesting,innovative and enthusiastic gameplay.

I dont know why but i like to explore different types of gameplays that these rpgs put forward before gamers through differrent games. Thanks to the innovative minds of the developers. Some them i want to name are: of course Turn Based Final Fantasy versions, Real Time Command Combat of Final Fantasy 12/13, Hexagon(HEX) Based Combat system of Wild Arms 5, Interactive Command Based Combat with Combos of Shadow Hearts series and many mores.

In this blog entry i will specifically write about RPG GAMEPLAY. The gameplay which i like, the gameplay which really made a difference, the gameplays which a will add different gaming experience with newer imagination and technology.

Each gameplay if u have played, gave a unique gaming experience. But the basic concept is same and eternal and it is: In RPGs you have CHARACTERS which are weak at the very beginning of the game, you have to be them and progress with the story, progress in such a way that your character/s will get stronger, you get stronger by defeating enemies and gaining experience,power-ups,weapons,magic etc .

The game play of each RPG game revolves around these basic things or i will say setups. Rest all things viz... the Characters,The Story, The Graphics, The Weapons, The Magic will be the focus where the art and other assests will be created. Thus keeping in mind the basic setups for an RPG gameplay these different gameplays are developed.

With each game i played i had developed a instinct which tells me that there are lot more things that can be done with the RPGs Gameplay. Imagination and Innovation flows thru my mind when i start thinking about these. Lots of Ideas come into my mind. RPG gameplay is worth experimenting but has a lot of risks. Like many gamers(almost all) liked the turn based combat of FF10 but i dont think they enjoyed the real time battle system of FF12. Also the HEX battle system was not taken by many gamers. But still unless there are different experiments done on the gameplay we wont come across different varieties. So I personally want more and more innovative RPGs to be realeased every year for gamers like me. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Environmental Games... for a better cause

Play Windfall by Persuasive Games

I have been thinking about Environmental Games since few days now. So started googling and came across a wide range of games from a lot of dvelopers who have developed these games for only a sole purpose.... that is "To create an awareness within the masses to look into the environmental issues". And video games i think is the best way to convey this message. As we know the interactive media can have considerable effect on the thinking of kids/parents/people if conveyed properly.

Many small to medium size video game developers are seen creating games for this noble cause. Most of them or i must say all of them are free to play. One of such company is Pervasive games whose Windfall game link im posting here.

What i want to do is spread this awareness to the larger extent and make more and more people take part in understanding the consequnses of global warming and other environmental issues. And i want to do this through video games. Why wont people play an environmental game equally entertaining as Farmville or Mafia Wars (just for an example).