Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Environmental Games... for a better cause

Play Windfall by Persuasive Games

I have been thinking about Environmental Games since few days now. So started googling and came across a wide range of games from a lot of dvelopers who have developed these games for only a sole purpose.... that is "To create an awareness within the masses to look into the environmental issues". And video games i think is the best way to convey this message. As we know the interactive media can have considerable effect on the thinking of kids/parents/people if conveyed properly.

Many small to medium size video game developers are seen creating games for this noble cause. Most of them or i must say all of them are free to play. One of such company is Pervasive games whose Windfall game link im posting here.

What i want to do is spread this awareness to the larger extent and make more and more people take part in understanding the consequnses of global warming and other environmental issues. And i want to do this through video games. Why wont people play an environmental game equally entertaining as Farmville or Mafia Wars (just for an example).

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