Sunday, August 01, 2010

RPGs all the way

Ever since i have started playing the Final Fantasy series of RPG im an exceptional fan of RPG games. There's a valid reason for that. RPG's like Final Fantasy has an intimidating story line, mind blowing graphics and moreover interesting,innovative and enthusiastic gameplay.

I dont know why but i like to explore different types of gameplays that these rpgs put forward before gamers through differrent games. Thanks to the innovative minds of the developers. Some them i want to name are: of course Turn Based Final Fantasy versions, Real Time Command Combat of Final Fantasy 12/13, Hexagon(HEX) Based Combat system of Wild Arms 5, Interactive Command Based Combat with Combos of Shadow Hearts series and many mores.

In this blog entry i will specifically write about RPG GAMEPLAY. The gameplay which i like, the gameplay which really made a difference, the gameplays which a will add different gaming experience with newer imagination and technology.

Each gameplay if u have played, gave a unique gaming experience. But the basic concept is same and eternal and it is: In RPGs you have CHARACTERS which are weak at the very beginning of the game, you have to be them and progress with the story, progress in such a way that your character/s will get stronger, you get stronger by defeating enemies and gaining experience,power-ups,weapons,magic etc .

The game play of each RPG game revolves around these basic things or i will say setups. Rest all things viz... the Characters,The Story, The Graphics, The Weapons, The Magic will be the focus where the art and other assests will be created. Thus keeping in mind the basic setups for an RPG gameplay these different gameplays are developed.

With each game i played i had developed a instinct which tells me that there are lot more things that can be done with the RPGs Gameplay. Imagination and Innovation flows thru my mind when i start thinking about these. Lots of Ideas come into my mind. RPG gameplay is worth experimenting but has a lot of risks. Like many gamers(almost all) liked the turn based combat of FF10 but i dont think they enjoyed the real time battle system of FF12. Also the HEX battle system was not taken by many gamers. But still unless there are different experiments done on the gameplay we wont come across different varieties. So I personally want more and more innovative RPGs to be realeased every year for gamers like me. :)

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