Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm playing... BLUR

Before I start talking about BLUR lets go back in time and try to recollect the gaming experience of CTR aka Crash Team Racing on Playstation1 or Mario Bros Team Racing on PS2. Remembered?? Also try to recollect the racing simulation games like Burnout, NFS. What comes to your mind when I say these games? Cool Cars, awesome graphics, rankings etc. right?
And now think about CTR. The racing where you have to whack the opponents by destroying their vehicles with Missiles, Bombs. Getting Shields, powerups, nitrous to win the race.
Now combine the features of these two different games and guess what is available to you. Yes its BLUR.

BLUR by Activision is an attempt to have combined the racing simulation game and an action packed vehicle whacking game-play into one. And more to add it has awesome race tracks and equally awesome CARS. From BEATLE to VIPOR to all BMWs and Audis. All these vehicles have some characteristics like road GRIP, HANDLING, SPEED, and ACCELERATION. And also the cars are divided into different categories as to A, B, C, and D.

And what more a speed racer would require while whacking the opponents to win the race.. huh? It’s the FANS. Yes in Blur you will have to race to get Fan following. The more fan following you get the more deadly superb cars will get unlocked and nice rewards.

What catches the attention is the beautiful graphics that add your gaming enthusiasm. Also the special effects of the power ups those are obtained in-game is very appealing. These effects are too good to take the overall gaming experience to whole new level.

Also its multiplayer game play also looks cool. I haven’t tried it though. But definitely give it a shot too. Till then I’ll try to master the game in single player.

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