Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In search of India

In search of INDIA
GAMASUTRA is the leading website devoted to the Art and Business of making games. It offers everything, from latest breaking news from the gaming industry around the world to the detailed features of the industry to the biggest job board of the gaming industry.
Now what I did? Being an avid video gamer and software programmer by profession longing for the very art of game programming and development, what I wanted to do on the Gamasutra website? It was simple: Search for any minuscule information about game industry in India. And what did I found?
NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing. Apart from some of the instance of INDIA with some other Asian provinces there was nothing that I would say useful to talk about india’s hand in the gold mine rush of video game industry.
Next I went to a more probable website from where I thought could get a glimpse of India. And that site was GAMESPOT and IGN. Now imagine what I might have found out?
Yes! It was nothing with respect to game development in india. Of course you will find user accounts of the video gamers who take part in the forums, polls blah blah blah!! But nothing about the game development.
Well but searching on The GOOGLE wont fail rite? So with dejected feeling and an utter disappointment from the so called famous and lively game content and game development websites , I finally turned to Google. And yes google was my last option to search for India.

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