Monday, January 31, 2011

My Java Applets

I have started developing video games using java applets. Ironically i have tried to start with the high end tools like Unreal Engine, Unity, Torque game builder but finally im finding java applet game development a good learning source for game development. I know there is lot to be done to make a mark but it is good to start with the basics right?

Also java applets are not so bad. If some security features are ignored then its the best tool for any rookie java developer to get into gaming. Here is why, the java applet life cycle is easy to understand and implement. Also when the multi threading capability of java is available then it is quite interesting to work on game development.

What actually im doing is learning step by step the essentials of game programming. The essentials include:

  • Game Lifecycle.
  • User Interface.
  • Painting.
  • Navigations.
  • Artificial Intelligence.(chasing algos, pathfinding algos etc)
  • Collision Detection and other physics elements.

The initial game i have developed has a "simple chasing algorithm" implemented where the an animated red demon (a sphere ) is chasing a animated blue man(another sphere). A Collision detection logic is implemented where if the demon catches the man(one sphere touching another sphere) the game is over. Points are awarded in the form of Seconds(time) ie for how long can the man survive the chasing demon. To add some spice i have made the demon to grow like a blob overtime.

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