Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Laptop??... Time for new games now :)

After few unlucky and bad days I have my new laptop with me. Now time to start with the games again. After a long gap from my gaming days, Im back. This time started the the download with Portal 2.

Its a complete 7 GB download. And will have to burn my laptop for that. But the game is worth it. after playing the initial version of this game, which included around 12 test chambers and showcased basic touch of the game, i am a total fan. And puzzle games are my favorites. I remember plyaing puzzel games like Lupin the Third and Da vinci code on the PS2. Those were a different breed of games in all. Portal2 joins there league. Infact Portal creates its own league which is going the change, actually have changed the way people will play games.

right now im badly waiting for download to get over. Have to the collection again. Bad days... tata bye bye.

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