Thursday, December 08, 2011

I'm playing: Call of Duty MoD3

So today I have completed this most entertaining and thrilling installment of Call of Duty and my impression was "Hey,was I into a action movie or what?". Yes having played this game in Campaign mode for almost 9 hrs made me feel as if I was in a movie playing the role of a Action Hero. The cinematic sequences in the missions, the spectacular visuals, the engrossing story and the way it is portrayed in the game is something that can happen only in CoD. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have definitely raised the bar by polishing the gameplay experience. And I must say I'm thrilled.

 This is because I really play very selective First Person Shooters and those fps's should meet the following criteria:

  • The game must have an extremely good gameplay from the very start of the game.Believe me there is nothing big turn off than a boring start with a pesky mission. MoD3 holds you to the game play from the very first level when you have to barge into the Stock Exchange Building to blow off the tower. Now this kind of gameplay ignites the urge to play further.
  • The graphics must have to be engrossing. Like when you are busy shooting the bad guys it is not just that you are shooting and the guys are dying around you. It is the environment around the player that builds up the engrossing nature because of the visual content. In MoD3 you will find that the elements around you even the tiniest one like the effects of the frag grenade, the responsiveness and AI of the bots, the movements of things around you, the details of the environment, fire,wind,explosions, climatic conditions everything is so lively and feels so real. And more so ever the visual details of the equipments you carry and the expressions of the AI counterparts just make you feel Wow!!!
  • Third and not the least the Story. Yes, nothing can build to a great gameplay and graphics than the well scripted and well crafted story line. A story to the level, mission and to overall game is the sole element which emotionally connects you to the game. This emotional touch makes your heart feel  each aspect of the game. Because the story includes the Characters in it, the pretext of the game, the base on which the whole game starts and ends with. Mod3 takes from the where it is left in Mod2. And completes with the killing of the Makarov. The blending of all characters namely Yuri,Price,Frost etc. into the story is truly emotional.
So all in all when I wanted to rate this game on I divided my rating into these three parameters and it turns out that this game is a definite 9 pointer on a 10 point scale. I'm satisfied with this installment though i found the campaign mode very small compared to other fps games in the market but the multiplayer feature filled that gap for me. Cheers!

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