Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Im Playing: Super Meatboy

I cannot imagine in wildest of my dreams that a platformer which looks like a 8bit game I used to play in my school days can be so addictive and fun. This boy made up of meat, that small blood soaked, cube shaped which I have to control can be so difficult yet extremely entertaining. Difficult because the gameplay is constructed so well that it can make anyone from a school boy to a old man crazy. And extremely entertaining  because of the innovative levels,visual style and music in the game.

I'm particularly impressed with the intelligence this platform game has been made. The designers Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes  have kept the objective of the game very simple: "To rescue the Bandage Girl from evil Dr.Fetus". And what the Meatboy has to do is jump around all the obstacles, slide beneath walls, avoid saw blades etc. in all varied 300 levels divided across various chapters. Too good for aplatformer, isn't it?
Well as of me, I never thought that I would find a platform game so difficult to crack. Still struggling with the levels that keeps my heart pounding.

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