Sunday, March 03, 2013

I'm dreaming: To make Shiva Trilogy game

Yesterday I was at a book launch and book signing event of Amish Tripathi's last masterpiece in Shiva Trilogy: "The Oath of the Vayuputras". And during the Q&A session with him one of the fellow fans asked him a "bomb" question: "Hi Amish. Now that it is a known fact that Karan Johar would be making a film out of Shiva Trilogy, as a fan, I ‘am much worried about the production design. Aren't you?". The first response to the question was given by the crowd with a roar of laughter. This laughter showed the sheer acceptance of the satire of imagining Karan Johar making the Shiva Trilogy movie. Amish on the other hand gave a positive answer assuring that everything will be good. I would rather say he was diplomatic in answering that question. 

After this particular question and answer, my day dream engine started. What if the question was like this: "Hi Amish. Now that it is a known fact that Jaran Kohar would be making a Video Game out of Shiva Trilogy, I ‘am much worried about the production design as a fan. Aren't you?". Whatever the crowd would have responded and whatever Amish would have answered to this question, here's how, i dream, Jaran Kohar should make the game:

Shiva is a charismatic character and as Amish put it, he is a cool god. So the game has to be a Third Person game so that the person could actually see this character in live action. The novel is full of action and realization of character who rose to become a God. So the game has to be an Action Adventure like "Prince of Persia".  Keeping the story in mind the game-play should be such that, the player playing as Shiva himself must feel the power of being a leader, a warrior, a lover and a dancer as well. The player, along the journey, must also learn what is evil and what does it takes to defeat the evil and how to prevail the goodness among masses. Hence the game-play should have a decision making engine for many sequences in the story, the player would have to understand the evil characters in order to defeat them in combat. Moreover, Shiva being an angry god, the player must feel the rage in the combat. And speaking of combat, the combat system should be mix of bare hand combat, war like action sequences by controlling the troops with cinematic action and choice making, a one on one combat for special sequences, and massive action with plethora of weapons of Indian origin.

These are my minuscule ideas out of numerous ones, that I think Jaran Kohar must keep in mind while making a AAA title out of Shiva Trilogy.


piyushtechsavy said...

Hi. I came to your blog as I typed keywords "Shiva Triology video game" and yours was the first blog. So I call you my Karmasathi. :) Me too think same, the first thought that came to my mind was to have an excellent game on Shiva, because off course me too much worried about Karan Johar..

Gaurav Navgire said...

Thanks piyush! and yes we are, as you said, Karmasathi. and mark my word, there will be a Shiva Trilogy game developed in India by Indians. Mind it :) :)