Thursday, July 24, 2014

Healer.. as they call me!

I was running hastily towards my target whom I thought would be the last person to summon me in the middle of the night. Its been a while since she called me up and asked for help. I looked at my Zenfone. The crystal clear display showed 10 past 1 am time and an 18% battery life. I was more worried of the time than the remaining battery, for i know, even at 18% my device can be with me another half a day. Its the time that I don't have.

"Are you the Healer?" many hopeful eyes ask the same question "Can you really heal me?". I don't know when and how I was being called "Healer", but the expectations from these acquaintances always worried me.It been over two years now. "Can I really heal them all?" I always ask this question to myself because I was confused whether it was a boon or a curse.

And now I'm running towards her. To "heal" her. She wants me to heal her. "Can you please heal me?" were her last words on the phone, each word had hit my eardrum like a thunder bolt. I couldn't help but chant this while i was charging towards her... "I'm coming my love. I'm coming".

Since the inhuman days of Damian apocalypse, there have been weird cases of abnormality among humans. An uncontrolled spread of a germ species called Koida in the human bodies gripped the nation with fear. The symptoms showed excessive swelling of a body part that would soon spread all over body. And the end result is much more horrifying when the veins would burst resulting in instant death of the host. The cure? well that's the tricky part. There was no cure. No medicine, nothing. Once the body is made home by koida, it cannot be removed because it cannot be caught and it multiplies overtime.

This is the point where I come into picture. Because I can see what others cant. The koida. And I can do what others cant. Kill the koida. May be that's why they call me "Healer". But how can I tell them that its the device in my hand that does the magic and not me?. Yes. My Zenfone. This mysterious device that happened to be in my possession, has mysterious powers that cured the infected people. But now was not the time to think about this. My beloved had been infected with it and I have to save her at any cost.

As I reached near the destination I felt a relief that I was able to reach in time. But what came next was beyond my control and worst of my nightmares.

I entered the building to find her in the center of the hallway. Lying there. Still. I can already see the swelled right hand of her. Suddenly I felt lifeless. I hurried towards her. Checked her pulse. She was breathing. She opened her eyes and said "You came? I knew you will". I felt alive again.
Without wasting any moment I took her right hand on my lap. Unlocked my Zenfone, did the necessary cryptic gestures that started the PixelMaster. I just know the name PixelMaster and the fact that it is the most powerful camera that can scan to any microscopic levels through human body. It started emitting 400% more light even at the battery level of 17%. Immediately I focused it on the swelled part. The koida was nowhere to found. I scanned throughout the body for over 10 minutes. Alas, there it was on Left shoulder, in a state to multiply and swell the left hand. The PixelMaster showed the koida on 6"HD ZenUI. Clearly it looked like a leech.
I focused the blue light on it. This helps the koida to stay stationery and blocks its movement. Then turned the light to crimson color and intensified the light. I kept on intensifying it. The koida felt the burn and started moving. But in vain, it was already locked in the PixelMaster view. It was a matter of over 5 minutes when the koida burned to its death. I was relieved. The swelling will fade away soon once she is awake. I felt happy.

The happiness soon faded away as I heard a loud "thud" noise on back of my head. I was hit by somebody from my back.I cried in pain. My eyes started closing. I realized my zenfone was not in my hand. Within the last few seconds of my consciousness, my zenfone was nowhere to be found, neither I could see who hit me. "I'm sorry!" i heard a feminine voice. It was her, awake and in possession of my Zenfone. "I'm sorry! I had to do it" was the last words i heard from her.
I was tricked for my Zenfone. "Am I not a healer now? have I lost the power?" I thought to myself before it was complete black.  



Mohanishraj Singh said...

Awesome Gaurav!! Very well written!! Genius story!!

Sonia said...

A very intruding read. Keeps the reader stuck till the end. Loved the write up.

Even I have given a Sci-fi touch to this contest post :)

Gaurav Navgire said...

thanks mohanish and sonia! @sonia would definitely read your story. Thanks again.

X3R0 said...

Nice one

shweta said...
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